More Brown Long Eared activity at Stockgrove

Angie just sent me this report- yet another good night and a chance to practice punning
Stockgrove Monday 10th June
Photo Jude Hirstwood

Photo Jude Hirstwood

There was more flying bat activity this time than we have has in previous weeks. Several Soprano Pips and Common Pips were heard on the edge of Bakers Wood close to where the low roost is, also along the path towards the pine plantation, the first bat was heard at 9.28 – a Soprano Pip. The Noctules were also active over the lake from 9.44. There was a good show of aero-BAT-ics (sorry) from Pips and Noctule over the lake during the Daubentons’ count – several passes came within a few feet of us. The count however was very low with only 2 passes. All tree roosts were vacant but three of the boxes homed Brown Longeared bats . Box 5 was too comfy so they all stayed home, Box 2 – 1 gave in to hunger and left the box whilst at least 1 more stayed home. Box 10 however yielded 15 of the cuties. A big thanks to all those who gave their time to help”,

What was especially nice is that we were joined by a member of the public. This has got much less common since the parking restrictions were introduced – but it is possible. If you ant to go e mail us and I will give you Angie’s c0ntact details

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