Wardown Park survey

Geraldine reports

Drawing By Joan Childs

Drawing By Joan Childs

We had a good turn out last night, a total of 5 bat group members, two of them being new recruits to the group. We began the survey by walking around the area close to the museum building where the bat boxes were put up. The number of bat boxes that are still affixed to the trees has gone down since our last survey.
Drawing By Joan Childs

Drawing By Joan Childs

We also took a close look at the Kensworth donkey wheel building, at the rear of the museum, as that does look as if it could be a potential roosting site for bats, but no evidence of roosting to be seen there.
The bat boxes are still not being used by bats. There are so many
buildings in the area, as well as the actual museum building that the bats may well be spoilt  for choice as to where they roost.

We saw 4 or 5 bats flying close to the museum building, with many feeding buzzes being heard on our detectors. The range of calls went from very low right up to 55, however we now believe that all the calls were from Common Pipistrelles. Dick made a recording and analysed it today.

As we approached the southern bridge over the lake, we got another  flurry of bat activity, again Common Pipistrelles.

Thanks to Malcolm , Viv , and Sarah  for their
company and input.

Geraldine and Dick”

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