The naked truth about bats

Hedj, a bat and a tigerRegular readers will be familiar with the name of  bat group member Hedj Dollman He is a professional photographer who has taken some fantastic pictures of bats and bat group activities. In his spare time he is involved in bat care and co-runs the Harrold Odell Country Park surveys.

Hedj is a life long animal lover and is always up for trying something new. As I publicised here previously, he signed up for the Streak for a Tiger event at London Zoo yesterday. I asked him beforehand for a photo I could post here. I think this meets the criterion I set He raised well over £400 and you can still donate at

I do apologise to purists that he was handling this bat without gloves.

Apparently the IT whizz at the Bat Conservation Trust was here too, but I don’t think he and Hedj actually met up.


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