Thirty one Noctules in a roost

“It proved to be another exciting night at Stockgrove last night. After a quiet start along the route a few unidentified bat sounds at 8.20 as we approached the low roast but what a surprise we had. For the second time this season residents were at home, Noctules this time! (Brown Long eared last time) at 8.41 they started to emerge the last one at 8.48. In just 7 minutes there were at least 31 Noctules flying out, many of which circled the area before heading off to feed. Soprano pips were heard at 8.32 on the path towards box 10-12. Up in the pine plantation at T4 we heard more Soprano feeding. At 8.42 over the lake were two Noctules giving a great display and coming quite close to us at the boat house. We saw a Daubenton’s at 8.52 again at the boathouse. The Daubenton’s count yielded 54 passes.”

The roost was unusual as it is in the lower part of a tree. It meant that the bats did not have a very long drop in which to launch themselves, but they managed fine, flying off down the slope rather than up it.

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