A night out with Sight Concern

Photo Mark Chapman

Photo Mark Chapman

Friday was spent with some of our favourite people – The good people of Sight Concern. This is the third walk we have done for them – previous walks were at Whipsnade Zoo and Stockgrove Country Park. This time we headed up to Priory Country Park and were joined by a number of bat group members including Park Rangers Danny and Nicky who were able to answer questions not only about bats but also about other aspects of the park.

It started out very quietly and  there were initially no bats at our usual hotspot. But the bats son relented and gave us an amazing demonstration of echolocation, much to everyone’s delight and the air was full of echolocating bats and excited voices. It was lovely to see several people who had been on previous walks and we enjoyed listening in to all the banter. We also heard some Noctules, but the wind was blowing over the lake and the Daubenton’s had gone to a more sheltered spot.

Mark Chapman has posted a brief clip on the Bedfordshire Bat group facebook page

( https://www.facebook.com/groups/109943449023992/)

The original recording is at


and you can hear how excited the people were to hear the bats – and maybe the extra good display from the bats was a result of meeting humans who could also echolocate. It was fascinating to listen to folk describing how people could identify their surroundings just by sound

Tonight was a first. I didn’t trip over any-one’s stick, though I still made very big hand gestures when talking to someone with no sight

Thanks to Mark for this photo. I took some pictures but, ironically, I forgot to set the flash on my camera, and so my camera was also visually impaired

 PS.  I have posted this in larger print but could not figure out a way to produce a yellow background. Sorry!

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