The National Nathusius Project

Nathusius pipistrelle Photo Jude Hirstwood

Nathusius pipistrelle Photo Jude Hirstwood

At the Eastern Region Bat conference, Daniel Hargreaves gave a talk on a new National Nathusius Project. We are not one of the pilot studies, but Daniel is keen to get records from as wide a range of bat groups as he can.

We are busy gearing up to checking large water bodies in Bedfordshire, as Nathusius’ are often found associated with them.The first step is to check them out in daylight, then do a bat detector survey to see if we can hear any, and try to locate good trapping sites

The next step will be try to catch one and put a ring on it. We will do this once the new triple high harp trap and the new acoustic lure arrives, as well as having Aidan’s harp trap at our disposal.

We will checking out a number of sites across the county, some of which we already haveĀ  Nathusius records for- watch this space

You can read more about Nathusius here

For an article onĀ  Nathusius and the two other, more common, pipistrelles try here 2008-7-all about pipistrelles


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