Nathusius 1 Bat Group 0

The King of the Nathusius’ was all too aware that across the country his kin were being pursued by bat workers, including thoseĀ  at Priory Country Park. He beseeched the Sky to come to their aid. The Sky turned grey and sent forth thunder and lightning, so all the Bedfordshire Bat Group caught was (a) cold (b) hailstones and (c) a common pipistrelle, and had to retreat when both they and the harp traps got soaked

Bedfordshire Bat Groups New Harp trap

Bob and the new harp trap. Photo Jude Hitrstwood

Monty Python talked about a hovercraft that was full of eels. This morning my shower and back garden is full of harp trap as we dry it out ready for her next attempt tomorrow.

Thanks to Danny, Aidan, Bill, Leslie, Alec ( and friend) and Nicky for their stirling efforts

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