New bat at Stockgrove

On Monday I made a recording while I walked round Stockgrove. Kel does this at Harrold Odell and I thought it might be an interestng comparison. There wasn’t that much activity, but I slogged through the recording, checking each pipistrelle pass just in case a Nathusius was playing tease. He wasn’t – the lake is too small- Fellow sonogrammers will know the joy of analysing a recording which is nearly all pips ( I am an old fashioned girl and don’t use Anabat, relying ont my trusty Duet and a Zoom recorder). As usual there were¬† also Noctules and a few Myotis (probably Daubenton’s) Then, about the time I was losing the will to live, i spotted another call. I had it double checked by Bob and for the first time in 25 years we have¬† a definite recordings of Serotines fly over the park. Perhaps it was one of the bunch that hang about at Tiddenfoot..Wherever it came from it made my day. Note to self – should I get a life?

Serotine caught near Sandy

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