Harrold Odell Survey on Thursday

bats and umbrellaYesterday saw a thunderstorm descend on Bedfordshire and it took a particular fancy to Harrold Odell Country Park. Nicky, who is one of the Rangers there told us that one shower donated 14mm of rain. She turned up early to help Bob pick a suitable site for the harp trap, but the weather forecast promised more rain so Bob and I left the others to do the walk around the lake and headed home, watching a huge dirty cloud heading for the walkers.

In the event, the rain was only bad for a short time – though we made the right decision as it would have got the harp trap sodden. So we are going back tonight.

The bats were out and about despite the rain – soprano and common pipistrelles, Noctules and once again a serotine put in an appearance. There was no sign o f the Daubenton’s, but the water in their favourite haunt was very choppy and Daubenton’s need smooth water in order to detect their prey

Thanks to the brave eight souls who trudged in the rain, some of whom have offered to come back tonight. There will be cake (the excuse this time being it was Kel’s birthday yesterday/ the bat boxes have arrived).

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