The elusive Nathusius

We went back to  have another try to catch a Nathusius. It was quite a windy night and we got very cold. We heard  a number of Nathusius flying past, but they did not come into the traps. We did catch a number of soprano pipistrelles, a Daubenton’s and a Natterer’s. At midnight, having finished the cake we threw in the towel. While waiting for the 2nd trap to be dismantled, Tim and I stood by the car and dreaming of  hot drinks. When Bob and Tony got back  they had a bat with them. Torn between the desire for warmth and the sight of a handsome bat there was really no choice.

Bob took a very stately photograph

noctule (2)djustedcrop

Noctule Photo Bob Cornes











My attempt was less successful in capturing the dignity of the beast. Please don’t take this personally Mr Noctule ,but this reminded me of photos of Nigel Farage.


Noctule Photo Jude HIrstwood




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