First box check at Harrold Odell

Kel and co only put the boxes up here 6 weeks ago,and it usually takes bats months to start using bat boxes.

So it was with little hope of success that Bob, Hedj and Kel headed off to check them for the first time. With the approach of the remnants of Hurricane Bertha,  there was doubt as to whether it would be possible to carry out the check, as it meant climbing ladders to reach the boxes which would have been hazardous to say the least if the wind got up.

As it was the wind was OK, but it certainly rained. But nothing daunts this trio. The ten boxes were checked and to their surprise and delight they found two of the ten boxes had been used by bats

Not surprising when you remember we caught 66 bats there recently

If the rain holds off  we hope to trap again on  Thursday when Kel and Hedj are leading a bat walk there in the hope of getting a Nathusius

Bat Poo in a bat box. Photo Bob Cornes

Bat Poo in a bat box. Photo Bob Cornes


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