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Illustration by Joan Childs

Funding for research is a major problem these days. I got this e mail from one researcher who has been carrying out really important work. . Large numbers of bats die an unpleasant death every year becauseĀ  their claws get caught in Breathable Roof MembranesĀ  Crowdfunding is an important way to raise funds, and the campaign closes in mid December, so please feel free to make a donation. Go to

Dear Bat Groups,

My name is Stacey Waring, you may have already heard of me (or you may not). For the past 5 years I have been researching the interactions between bats and modern roofing materials. This project has made great strides in understanding the problems faced when BRMs are placed into bats roosts. It
has also provided information and advice for those who have needed it along the way.

So far we know that 100’s of bats have died as a result of these membranes being placed into roofs where bats are roosting. If you are only just learning of this problem please visit the website where there is much more information.

The next stage in this research is to find solutions and in order to do this I need your support. The funding for this research ran out in 2013 and since then I have been supporting the work by myself. However, to really start to solve these issues I need support. In order to try and help this area of bat conservation I have set up a crowdfunding campaign to help continue this research and find solutions to these problems, not only in
the UK but throughout Europe.

This is a really important conservation issue and of concern to many people in bat conservation and construction. If my research has ever proved useful to you please consider donating (if you can) and spreading the word
….there’s also a cool video you can use to tell people about the issue


Kind regards

Stacey Waring

This is an issue that we have discussed in the past.


Update : Stacey raised all the money she asked for and more, many bat workers and groups sent her donations. The appeal is now closed , but I have no doubt she would still find donations usefulĀ 

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