January hibernation survey

With the relatively mild winter weather we weren’t expecting anything exceptional on this survey, but numbers weren’t greatly down. Barbastells were few and far between, but we have only found them in large quantities when it is really cold and has been for quite a while.

Once again we were knee deep in Natterer’s which we rarely catch in the summer and the pipistrelles which haunt our nets , were rarely found. They obviously have other preferred hibernation spots

We found the following bats:

Natterer’s 88
Daubenton’s 39
unidentified Myotis 8
BLE 15
Barbastelle 2

One of the Daubenton’s was the first ever to be found at Braystone

Natterer's bat

Natterer’s Bat Photo Hedj Dollman

2 Natterer's in a hibernation box

2 Natterer’s deep in a hibernation box. Photo Hedj Dollman


Natterer's bat. Photo Bob Cornes

Natterer’s bat. Photo Bob Cornes

There were also several nice non bat finds

cave spider

Cave spider Photo by Hedj Dollman

Photo by Hedj Dollman

Drone flies hibernating Photo by Hedj Dollman

Herald Moth. Photo Hedj Dollman

Herald Moth. Photo Hedj Dollman


Hedj took all his photos with just his mobile A rather chilly Hedj Dollman, ace photographer! Photo Kei.


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