Data Requests

Updated March 2017Image result for bat and book

The bat group has a database of Bedfordshire records going back over twenty five  years. In recent years we have increased our activity and collect and process hundreds of records each year.

The number of consultants requesting data has grown hugely and we are aware that we have been very slow to respond as the whole process fell to one individual. In 2016 we took the winter to see if we could find a way out of this problem.

We hope to return data within 10 working days of getting the go ahead to do the search. In2016 we achieved this in over 90% of requests.

(We will monitor  this closely and try to recruit more members to the team if necessary)

We now have a Team of people to deal with enquiries and send out results of data searches and another team who are proficient in Excel to do the actual searches.  At the time of writing we have the data up to 2015  as folk are still processing the backlog of the data we collected last year., but we will add this to the database as soon as we can

To streamline the process we have a new e mail address which all the team can access.

If you require data in Bedfordshire, please contact us at (2016) (please remove the 2016 at the beginning of the address. It is there to prevent spam)

Please don’t send us large map attachments. All we need is the grid reference of the area you want searching and the ares you want searched