Pinpoint Bat Equipment

Created April 2017

Updated April 2018

We have bought two more detectors so that people doing woodland surveys can set up a static detector as well as walking round.

If you decide to have a go at Pinpoint Bat, you will receive a goody bag containing the equipment shown below plus a results sheet, an A5 clipboard, complete instructions for using the kit and a high vis jacket.



This may look off putting but the instructions are:

  1. Record the weather conditions
  2. Turn on the Garmin
  3. Turn on the Peersonic
  4. At end of survey turn them both off
  5. Return the equipment to us and we’ll do the rest.




If you do a car transect this is how you fix the detector to your car

If you feel brave

Use Danny’s Pinpoint Bat Processor to download the recording to the memory stick (this takes a while)

If you know how to analyse sonograms you can analyse your calls. We provide TF32 on the memory stick.

If you want to have a go contact Bob at rgcornes (at) or enquiries