Common Pipistrelle

Created April 2009
Last Updated April 2018

Pipistrellus pipistrellus (Schreber 1774)

Common pipistrelle Photo by Bob Cornes

Common pipistrelles are small bats weighing 4-8 gram (the weight of a credit card), with a body length of 33-48 mm. It is said that two could it inside a matchbox. We have never tried this.

They usually emerge about 20 minutes after sunset, but may come out in daylight.

Photo Bob Cornes

They roost in houses and one of our members has been monitoring his pre maternity pipistrelle roost for over twenty years.Read more about his experiences 2005-1-Bats in houses

Although it is our commonest bat species, we rarely find it in hibernation – all species of pipistrelle account for about 1% of hibernation records (we don’t disturb them to find out precisely what species they are).

Ilustration Joan Childs

drawing (c) Joan Childs)

Their droppings are about 1.5-2.0mm in diameter and mm in length and have a smooth outline. They will crumble if rubbed between your fingers. If they don’t and have a sticky texture they were mice droppings, (sorry about that – now wash your hands).

For more on bat droppings visit the N Ireland Mammals Amphibian and reptiles site

They have a distinctive way of flying and are the bats you are most likely to see, They have a swooping, fluttering flight and often fly in circles following the same route over and over again,but you can’t separate the three species on the basis of flight pattern.





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Male common pipistrelle caught red handed leaving a female roost Photo Jude HIrstwood


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