Count Bat Spin Offs 2010

Created  Jan 2011

2010 was in  many ways a really frustrating year. Street Ranger Paul Wheatley got a new job as an Urban Ranger. Great for him but it meant we lost a valuable contact in Queen’s Park and by the end of the year he had still not be replaced. Bedfordshire County Council was in the process of being replaced by Bedford Borough Council so things were generally chaotic and very frustrating

  • We were asked to organise bat walks at Bedford Park , Kempston and Queen’s Park but publicity was poor and the first two walks were cancelled at sort notice.
    On the plus side the five walks arranged by the Priory  Park Rangers were well attended.



  • Photo Daniel Fellman

    The Priory  rangers organised four bats and boats sessions We were able to get funding from the Harpur Trust for this, and so did not have to charge participants . The Bat Conservation Trust funded the purchase of two bat detectors for permanent loan to to Priory Park Rangers for use on events like these.  Bats and Boats 2010


  • Photo Dniel Fellman

    The Priory Park Rangers got funding from the Kempston Ward Fund to run bat box sessions in 4 Kempston Schools. The Bat group  helped by giving talks at whole school assemblies for all participating schools.  Read Ranger Laura Dawkins’ Report  2010-7-Kempston Bat Box Project


  • We worked with Bedford Mind building boxes with their club member2010-4 -batsinmind  These boxes were  so beautifully  made we sold them on our stalls throughout the year and raised over £180 for the club’s funds. The Count Bat Project gave us a grant towards purchase of tools and materials. The tools have remained with Bedford Mind
  • In return for their labours we took them on two bats walks.2010-10 Mind walk


  • Photo Jude Hirstwood

    The bat group as invited to talk to  375  children at St Gregory’s school. We took the captive  Noctule with us

  • We also took her to meet 33 children and their staff  at another Taste Real Food event



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