Wardown Park Luton

Created January 2010
Last updated February 2013

In 2010 we did a number of surveys in Wardown Park and found it to be a rich habitat for bats.

Photo Jude Hirstwood

The museum building itself is a bat roost. There are over thirty little rooms in the loft and we spent much of last  two seasons playing hide and seek with them. They alas won hands down




There are large numbers of pipistrelles in the Park and Daubenton activity over the lake is also high. There are also a lot of outbuildings in the park which we think would offer ideal roosting places for bats



In 2010  2011 and 2012, we organised  a number of surveys and bat walks here.
Walk for the Motor Neurone Disease Association

Members of the public are welcome to join us on surveys as we try to locate roosts in the park. Meet in the car park in front of museum entrance – enter via New Bedford Road. We can lend you a detector

Survey dates for 2013

7th May     20.30
25th June  21.00
13th Aug    20.00

Meet in the car back in opposite the main  entrance ( New Bedford Road side)

We have been asked to organise more walks in 2012, we will let you know when these dates are confirmed.