Created October 2011
Updated February 2016

The Bedfordshire Bat Group runs many surveys each year. These are designed to collect data about the distribution of bats in the county.

Some are regular surveys, taking place three times or more each year. Others are one off ones, but if we find an interesting site we will often revisit it.

We divide our surveys into two categories

1. Open surveys

These are walks round particular sites which are open to the general public. No previous experience is required and provide an ideal introduction to world of bats. These all take place in areas with good accessibility and are not very different from bat walks. We can lend you a bat detector for the evening..

Harrold Odell Country Park
Priory Country Park (during regular bat walks, book with the rangers)
Sandy Warren
Stockgrove Park- Heath and Reach  .  The rangers have arranged for us to have access to parking but you need to let us know if you plan coming as spaces are limited..
Luton Survey –  a in the area of the Whispnade Tree Cathedral

These are not open to the general public as they take place on private sites and require third party insurance  which we get by being a partnership group of the Bat Conservation Trust). These often have poor accessibility and are not suitable for people with limited mobility. Some of these surveys require higher level of skills, which can be gained by taking place in open surveys. Some of these require the presence of members with specialised licences.

Hibernation surveys
 The Lakeside survey
Woodland surveys
Canoe surveys

Center Parc surveys
Nathusius Project