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Bat Biology

The Biology of Bats tongues 2011-7-bats tongues
The Biology of  Bat courtship 2005-10The Biology of Courtship
The Biology of pregnancy and birth 2006-4-11pregnancy and birth
What’s the advantage of cf calls? 2011-7- Leisler’s
The Biology of Hibernation 2005-1 The Biology of Hibernation
What eats bats? 2007 7 Bat feeding strategies
Bats in trees 2005-1-Bats in Trees
Bats in Houses 2005-1-Bats in houses
The Biology of Bat feeding strategies 2007-7 Table Manners for Bats
Autumn swarming 2011-1 autumn swarming
Bat pollination 2009-4 Bat pollination
The Biology of Bat knees
Identifying bats from quite a long way away 2006-4-Identifying bats in flight
What eats Bats? 2010-1-salvidor dali and bats

A Five Star Hibernaculum at 5 Star Luton Hoo 2010-1 luton Hoo
Icehouses as hibernation sites 2008-10-icehouses
The Aspley Guise purpose built hibernaculum 2005-4-Braystone

Specific bats
Why are Leisler’s so hard to identify2011-7- Leisler’s
Alcathoe Bats t2010-7-alcathoe’s bat
The parti coloured bat 2009-7 particoloured bat
An erythristic brown long eared bat 2008-10 an erythristic bat
All about pipistrelles  2008-7-all about pipistrelles
A male pipistrelle  in a common pipistrelle maternity roost  2011-6-pipistrelle roost
Vampire bats Vampire bats
Bats and Pitcher plants  2011-4 bats and pitcher plants
Vampires in Trinidad 2012-7-vampire bats
Bulldog bats 2012-7 Bulldog bats

Bat Care
A pipistrelle overwinters  2012 -4 Biggleswade pipistrelle
What to do with a grounded bat 2011-7 grounded bat
Bringing up baby 2006-1-Raising juvenile bats
A new Noctule in town 2010-4-a new noctule in town
More on the Slip End noctule 2010-7-The Slip End Noctule Comes of Age
Even more on the slip end noctule2010-10- noctule learns to fly
The very hungry serotine2010-4 the very hungry serotine
Bat Care in Bedfordshire 2009-10-bat care

Desperately seeking serotines 2009-7 desperately seeking serotines
Infra red photography  of brown long eared bats2009-7 infra red photography of brown long eared bats
adiotracking a serotine  2009-10-serotine radiotracking
Green woodpeckers attack Bat Boxes  at Priory Park  woodpecker-vandalism
Radiotracking barbastelles 2005  2005 Barbastelle Radiotracking (BNHS)
Bats at Whipsnade zoo Final Report  2009 whipsnade final report(BNHS)
Ringing serotines 2011-10-serotine ringing


Bats Abroad
Members of the bat group often tie their holiday into bat related adventures. Here are some of their accounts
Painted Bat of Thailand 2011-Thailand’s painted bat
Nicaraguan Nights 2012-1NIcaraguan night
Bats of Yucatan 2012-1 The Bats of Yucatan
Meeting Kitti’s Hog nosed bat 2011-1-Kitti’s hog nosed bat
Bats in Panama Bats in the Transpantanal 2007 4 Bats in the Pantanal
Bats in Malaysia’s Mulu Caves 2007-1- mulu caves
Bats in Brazil Maned wolves and Myotis at Caraca Brasil 2007-1-caraca
Bats at Malaysia’s Gomantong caves and Poring Springs 2007-1- gomatong caves
Bats in South Africa 2008 4 bats in southern africa
Proboscis bats in the Pantana 2007 4 Bats in the Pantanal
Bats in Ghana 2008-7 Accra bats
Bats in Madhya Pradesh  Madya Praesh
Bats in Panama 2008-7 a bat house in panama
Bats in Ghana ghana1
Bats of Accra zoo  2007-1 Accra Zoo
2010-1 hungary bat holiday
Bats in the Midnight Sun 2009-7-yukon bats
Bat watching for the lazy 2010-1 hungary bat holiday
The bats of Trinidad’s Nariva swamp2011-10 Bats of the nariva swamp
Trinibats 2012 Part 1 2012 Trinibat


The mouse oracle of Baule 2005-7 the mouse oracle of Baule
Bats and spells 2005-10.spells
The (Ig)Nobel prize for fellatio