Canoe Surveys

Created March 2014
Updated January 2017

NB.Surveys are for people with some bat experience and for insurance reasons are for members of Bedfordshire Bat Group only.

Paddling downstream Photo Bob Cornes

Daubenton distribution map 1988

When the   Bat Group first began back in 1988, two founder members of the group did a survey of bat activity at various points along the Ouse.  They did this by walking along the river banks. They lugged a huge battery along the towpaths  to  produce a beam of light to shine across the river  so they could count bat passes.

In 2011 we started a rather more high tech approach. Priory Ranger Danny Fellman got to know Bedford’s Viking Kayak Club when he was organising the Bats in Boats events in 201o. They very kindly offered to paddle bat group members down the Ouse  so we could survey bats on water.  With modern detectors and GPS we are able to build a more detailed picture of bat distribution

Danny wrote  an article for the Viking kayak club’s newsletter . You can read it here 2011-4- viking canoe

Dates for 2017- see Priory CP surveys


There will be room for three members on each of the following dates. Contact Danny to book a place, Priority to those with bat detector experience