Woodland Surveys

Created 2006
Updated January 2012


Photo by Bob Cornes

NB. Surveys are for people with some bat field experience and for insurance reasons are for members of Bedfordshire Bat Group only.

Woodland surveys is the name we have given to surveys which are not carried out on a regular basis. They begin as one off forays into an area – not necessarily woodland-  where we carry out bat detector surveys and make sound recordings . If we find interesting things we return to investigate further using mist netting and radiotagging where appropriate, (carried out by members who have the necessary Natural England Licences).

We often work with other local Bat  e.g. Cambridgeshire, Herts and Middlesex  North Bucks

This brown long eared bat was photographed urinating on his captor. Photo Bob Cornes

In recent years we have visited between 10 and 20 such sites a season,having obtained the necessary permissions with land owners

  • found the first live Brandt’s bat in the county
    carried out a five year study of bat distibution at Whipsnade zoo  2009 whipsnade final  BNHS report
  • radio tracked  barbastelles and identified 3 separate colonies2005 Barbastelle Radiotracking (BNHS)
  • found our first ever serotine roost
  • located a number of new roosts
  • radiotracked a female serotine for 10 days
  • found two swarming sites
  • In 2010 we found two more sites which we think have roosting barbastelles in them. They failed to fly into our carefully based mist nets, but we will have another go in 2012

Sites visited in 2009

Ampthill Park
Bedford Park & cemetery
Begwary Brook
Bromham Park & Mill
Carthagena Golf Course, Potton
Clifton Grange
Dunstable STW, Thorn
Felmersham Gravel Pits
Flitwick Moor
King’s Wood
Haynes Church End
Haynes West End
Hillgrounds, Kempston
Maulden Wood
Old Church Path, Clophill
Old Warden Cutting
River Ouse
Wardown Park
Whipsnade Tree Cathedral
Wootton Green