The Luton Survey-Chute Farm

Created February 2016
Updated  January 2017RABBIT SEAT (2)

In the past ten years we have investigate a number of sites in the Luton area : Whipsnade Zoo, Stockwood Park, Wardown Park and most the Luton Cycle Path to Hyde. This year we are returning to the Whipsnade area for a second year. Be warned there are some awkward steps on this route. Park in the Chute Farm Car Park. Thanks to English Herotage for giving is access to the site.

In 2016 BNHS did its annual Bioblitz in this area and we did some trapping as part of this. We found 2 brown long eared roosts and shortly afterwards located a pipistrelle roost. We had fantastic view of serotines feeding in a barn. Thanks to the owner of the nearby woodland for giving us access to his land

This event is open to any one and we can lend you a detector, but bring a torch,and if possible, drop as an e mail if you are planing to come


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