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A grand day out

Bob took a break from Bedfordshire’s bats to head down to Susex to help Daniel Whitby with a swarming survey. At this time of year bats are gathering at swarming sites to try to find a mate. The swarming sites … Continue reading

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Meeting a Bechstein’s

In the run up to our own Hunt the Bechstein’s game, Tony and Bob joined the North  Bucks group  on a survey yesterday, using both a harp trap and a mist net Tony saw his first ever Bechstein’s  (after a … Continue reading

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A trip down South

Two of us were invited to Avon to watch Daniel Hargreaves harp trapping bats at the entrance to a stone quarry a well known swarming site. It is thought that males gather there in the hope of attracting females – … Continue reading

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