Created February 201
Updated APRIL 2nd 2o22

Having spent a year checking and rechecking 15000 bat records in our data base and putting them in  a compatible format, we are  delighted to announce the following:

The Bedfordshire and Luton Biodiversity and Monitoring Centre, along with data searches for all other taxa and sites now  hold data from the Bedfordshire Bat Group database.  This should make life simpler for consultants  (and us to be frank)

The  Search section of their website has a downloadable request form  https://www.bedscape.org.uk/BRMC/newsite/index.ph

They can be contacted at brmc@bedsbionet.org.uk

Huge thanks  to Jackie at the BRMC  and to Danny and Bob at our  end and to the Bat Group Data Search Team who have kept pace with the spiraling workload.  If you listen carefully, you can hear their sighs of relief, as they realise a major burden has been lifted

Just in time for the start of the bat season!

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The website has  remained be sadly neglected.






Grounded Bats

lease contact the Bat Conservation Trust’s helpline on  0345  1300 228. They will contact us and we will try to help. The helpline is extremely busy at the moment so keep trying or, if you are in Beds ,e mail us at enquiries(at)bedsbatgroup.org.uk (please replace the “at” with @). we will get back to youI It will speed things up if you give us a contact number no,.lease bear in mind that we are all volunteers and it may take time to contact you

While you are waiting, you can read some advice here



British bats do not carry Covid 19 but remember they may carry ELVB which is why it is important you don’t handle the bat in ungloved hands. We will ensure that we don’t make close contact to prevent the risk of  passing  Covid to bat. All activities will be risk assessed with this in mind



Bedfordshire Bat Group GDPR policy


We are regularly updating this website*, if you come across problems, do please let us know  by e mailing us at enquiries(at)bedsbatgroup.org.uk (please replace the “at” with @)

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