The Bedfordshire Bat Group Committee

Created Sept 2011
Updated  Nov 2o21


The  whole committee meets three times a year in rooms at Ampthill Baptist Churc. During Covid we are holding meetings via ZOOM

(Any bat group member is welcome to. Various subgroups meet informally as the need arises)

Membership of the committee is by election at the AGM. Interested parties can also be co-opted during the year.

Bedfordshire Bat Group Committee as elected at the AGM  of 2021
The list below is not a complete list of what each Committee Member does, and (except for roles marked with *) does not show formal responsibilities. It simply indicates who to contact with ideas, suggestions and queries on particular things, and shows the (constantly negotiable) spread of regular tasks among the Committee. Contact any Committee Member on any other matters.

Chair*: Nicola Monsey     Laison with BCT
Secretary*:     Jude Hirstwood     Newsletter Editor . Website Supremo, Outreach.  Bat Group events. Membership Secretary
Treasurer*:Bob Cornes     Records Officer (BNHS Bat Recorder)* ,Hibernation surveys , woodland surveys, Kings Wood Bat Box Project Liaison


Danny Fellman  ,Roost Visitor, Roost Visitor Trainer.Software guru ( Pinpoint Bat)  Data searches, wine venation analyser, website maintenance
Malcolm Harrison Talks
Natasha Hannah Lyons assistant to the Treasurer
Gwen Hitchcock Stockgrove co-ordinator, liaison with the Wildlife Trust
Dick Hogg    Studham  and Wandlebry survey co-ordinator)
Aidan Matthews NBMP co-ordinator Natural England Roost Visitor Trainer
Sara Miller Hibernation surveys
Irene (Soggy) Sabiniarz      Lakeside surveys,

bat biscuits. Photo by Geraldine Hogg

Members are welcome to attend. We always have cake or bat biscuits. Photo and biscuits by Geraldine Hogg