Bedfordshire Bat Group Photo gallery.

Created February 2011

Now I have got the basic website up and running, I will  gradually be be moving some of the  photo galleries onto wordpress . Eventually I will embed galleries on the relevant pages where they exist.

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Slip end noctule

In 2010 an injured female Noctule gave birth while in captivity. Her badly broken wing meant she could never be released and has become an educational bat. Her son on the other hand was successfully reared and released into the wild.
martin's noctule.jpg

Kitti's hog nosed bat

In 2010 we went with Bat Thai on a trip which gave us a chance to see Kitti's Hog Nosed bat. also known as the bumble bee bat 2010 For a very small bat it has a very long latin name Craseonycteris thonglongyai
Kitti's hognosed bat (10).jpg

Stockgrove Country Park

Once a fortnight during the bat season we walk a route round Stockgrove Park looking for bats. We have been doing this for 20 years now. It's a great site for bats. None members are welcome to join us. For details see Surveys Photos Jude Hirstwood & Toby Thorne
Stockgrove Country Park Boathouse

Trinidad 1 Phyllostomidae

The Phyllostomid bats are leaf nosed bats found only in the New World. These are pictures from our Trinidad 2011 trip. Photos Jude Hirstwood/ Bib Cornes

Painted bat

In 2010 we went on a trip to Thailand and met a truly spectacular bat Photos Bob Cornes, Jude HIrstwood and Daniel Hargreaves.
painted bat 24.jpg

Fruit bats in Thailand

A trip to Thailand in 2011 took us to a monastery which had a colony of fruit bats in residence

Hibernating bats

Bats hibernate in out of they way places, which makes getting good views of them very difficult. In recent years, camera technology has improved so that we can zoom in closer without disturbing them. Often you can only se bits of the animal and it is often a challenge to identify the bat
Hibernating myotis cro-dhp.jpg

Building bat boxes

We have been building bat boxes since 2007. Originally we did it as a follow on from the Count Bat Project, but then got a grant from the Bedford Ward councillors and from the Heritage Lottery Fund to work in the Luton area. Photos Jude Hirstwood (JH) and Danny Fellman(DF)
queen's park lower school Bedford jh

Hibernation sites

Under constructionBats look for out of the way places to hibernate. These are great places for bats, but can be tricky getting access to for human bat workers. We check 17 sites in Bedfordshire. Here are some of them.

Trinibats 2012

Under construction Four of the bat group returned to Trinidad in March 2012 and saw many more spectacular sites/sights

Moggerhanger Lower School Letters and drawings

We did a talk here for Leopard class in May and they have just sent us some lovely letters and drawings. This is a random selection of some of them

Trinibats 2013

Back we went for another wonderful adventure organised by Trinibats

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