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Created January 2006
Last Updated March 2017

If you want  to contact, The Bedfordshire Bat Group has an e-mail account at enquiries(at)

This e-mail is checked daily. If you need a reply,please include a phone number and we will contact you., Please do not send large attachments.

Data Requests

If you are a consultant and want to make a data request, please use the following e-mail (2016) (please remove the 2016 at the beginning of the address. It is there to prevent spam)

There is no need to attach large maps – a grid reference will suffice. For a speedy response, please include a contact number.

Between website updates, you can keep an eye on what we are doing through our Facebook pages.

The Bedfordshire Bat Group



Don’t forget that if you need a more immediate response, please contact the Bat Conservation Trust Helpline on 0845 1300 228