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Created February 2015
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The National Bat Helpline helps to co-ordinate Bat Care in Britain.
Some Bat Groups give out a telephone number but all the bat care we take on is by referral through the National Bat helpline (Tel 0345 1300 228). Please note that all our carers are volunteers with day jobs, so cannot respond immediately. NB we can only take on calls in Bedfordshire

Over recent years we have expanded our bat care team and now have a number of very experienced carers, who help with the training of new carers.

young bat2

This juvenile Noctule was given a surrogate mum to cling onto. Photo Soggy Sabiniarz

Bat care is not to be undertaken lightly as it is both time consuming and, at times, emotionally draining.

We have a firm policy that all bat carers should be Bat Group members with at least a year’s field experience of bat, including ID. They have successfully completed suitable training They have all had the necessary inoculations and must keep detailed records of the bats brought into care. Many of our carers are Roost Visitors which helps them in assessing the situation they find themselves in and give advice to householders.

Pip pup feeding. Photo (c)Hedj Do9llman

Pip pup feeding. Photo (c) Hedj Do9llman

Our intention is always to release the bat once it has recovered. In 2014 we have had to overwinter two bats who had not gained enough weight to have a chance of surviving hibernation.

Bat care is funded through donations at talks, walks and stalls . Thanks to everyone who contributes

Case study

A young Noctule was found clinging to a wall at Sharnbrook school.  With help from the Essex Bat Group who let her have a stay in their flight cage, she was eventually released back into the wild

The same Noctule as an adult Photo Colin Edwards

The same Noctule as an adult Photo Colin Edwards

You can keep up to date with other cases of bats in care by typing “bat care” into the search box at the top right of any page, or look in at our Facebook page

Bat care is an expensive activity and we fund it by donations from talks walks and stalls.

In 2015 we set  up a polytunnel in the bat care co-ordunator’s garden and have already made good use of it so that the bats can practice their fight pre release.Watch the blog for updates.

Assembling the flight cage
The Grand Opening

A summary of our bat care in 2015  Bat care Jan2015

We post news about bat care in our blog on this site – type bat care into the search box and on Facebook


Drawing Joan Childs

Drawing Joan Childs


If you have found a grounded bat you can download some information as a pdf here. NB This has the old BCT helpline number please use the one at the top of this page.  It is in a queue for updating