Report a roost

Created 2008
Updated Nov 2017

Illustration Joan Childs

If you have found a roost in Bedfordshire, we would like to hear from you. We are working with the Bat Conservation Trust to record as much information about bat distribution as we can. Even if we already have a record it is always good to get an update. We’d rather get several reports for the same roost than no report at all. If you are not sure what type of bats you have, we can usually come and have a look for you.

What information would we like?

Contact details so we can get back to you (a phone number is useful)
an address including a post code.
A grid reference if you have it.

We’d also be interested to know

How many bats you have.
What sort of bats they are (if you don’t know we may be able to come and identify them for you).
What time of year did they arrive.
What time of year they leave.
Where the roost is located – in a house or an outhouse or in trees
…… and anything else you’d like to tell us.

Some roost owners get fascinated by their bats and spend a lot of time watching them. We’re very happy to get updates on comings and goings. We have records for one roost going back seventeen years and they make fascinating reading.2009Adams roost

The Bat Conservation Trust have a national roost monitoring programme. Contact them or us for details.

Photo Bob Corned

The best known roost in Bedfordshire has been monitored by one of our members for over twenty years and we have a great deal of data about the comings and goings of these batsĀ  In 2011 for the first time we found a male in the roost.2011-6-pipistrelle roost