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 Created January 2013.
  Last Updated  Aug 2021

Photo William Breed

The Bedfordshire Bat Group is a friendly and very active bat group

We’re always pleased to have new members of the bat group, whether you want to get actively involved or just follow our exploits from the comfort of the chair


We produce quarterly newsletters which contain articles and  national and international news as well as updates on our work.

Photos b Bob Cornes, G+Hedj Dollmn, Nicky Monsey, Jude Hirstwoud, Gwen Hitchcock

Photos by Bob Cornes, Hedj Dollman, Nicky Monsey, Jude Hirstwood, Gwen Hitchcock

Obviously Covid clipped our wings but as restrictions have eased we have reintroduced our regular surveys.

We will also be organising a number of one off surveys (including  harp trapping, detector surveys)



We are taking part in several National projects:
The National Nathusius Project( not running 2021)
The National Bats  and Churches Project
The National Bat Monitoring programme.

We have a number of projects of our own:

Pinpoint Bat



Training is severely curtailed due to covid





Please don’t think you have to be a world authority on bats to be a valuable member. If  you come along to a few events you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can pick up the skills needed to be an invaluable asset, whether in the field or helping with stalls at public events or with organisation.

Photo Jude Hirstwood

Bat walk on a rainy night Photo Jude Hirstwood


Membership of the Bedfordshire Bat Group only costs £8-00 per year. Members receive 4 issues of the Bats in Beds newsletter . It will also mean you can attend all bat group events.

Members are invited to join the closed Bat Group newsgroup.

Subscriptions go towards bat conservation and cover every one living at the same address. We have  over 150 members in some 100 households.

Subscriptions are due for renewal in January. Those who join after August 1st of a given year will automatically have their subscription carried into the next year.


Photo Hedj Dollman

If you would like to join us, send a cheque for £8-00 made out to “The Bedfordshire Bat Group”  to Bedfordshire Bat Group, c/o Jude Hirstwood 30 Park Street, Ampthill, Bedford MK45 2LR . or you can pay by BACS (see details below) as long as (1) you  e mail us  your details and tell us when you made the payment and post the membership form to Jude or e mail to enquiries@bats ed group (2) (Very important), you make it clear that it is you paying the money into the account.  Anonymous payments cause us no end of trouble. Please note that under the newly introduced General Data Protection Legislation we have to ask your permission to keep  details on you. Please sign to say this is OK If you are not prepared to give permission than we cannot accept your membership, as we will have no way to contact you. If you later leave the bat group we will delete this information.

Click here for a downloadable membership form  Membership-Form (1)

If you are a current member and want Bedfordshire Bat Group Renewal Form click here renewal form

Membership is due for renewal in January. You will receive no further issue after the January issue. If you would prefer to pay by BACS you can do so

National Westminster Bank, Account Name Bedfordshire Bat Group Ampthill Branch,  Sort Code 60-01-16. Account No. 45043175. Please add your name to the BACS payment

Please let us know if you renew this way, let us have the date of the transfer and how much you have  paid  to, as some banks don’t say where the payment has come from and we are reduced to tearing our hair out.

Please let us have your personal details (name address e mail and phone number)and whether you would like your newsletter as a PDF or a paper copy.

If you need more information e mail us at enquiries(at) 

If you haven’t heard from us in a week,please contact us again

Download our leaflet telling you more about what we do.WHAT WE DO-general version  or for a more complete list click here 

Like other organisations we have to comply with GDPR regulation.Our policy is finally sorted. Yes it took for goes to get this far!

Bedfordshire Bat Group Privacy Notice Ver. 5 (odt) opens with windows

Bedfordshire Bat Group Privacy Notice Ver. 5 (pdf)