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The Biology of  Bat courtship 2005-10The Biology of Courtship
The Biology of pregnancy  201814 bats coo
The biology of bat juvenile development I July 2019  6bat is bornnew
The biology of bat juvenile development I I July 20197out of the mouths
Autumn Swarming at Whipsnade 2019 Autumn swarming at Whipsnade
Dawn swarming at first hand 2019  dawn swarming
The Biology of Hibernation 2005-1 The Biology of Hibernation
Five Star Hibernaculum at 5 Star Luton Hoo 2010-1 luton Hoo
Icehouses as hibernation sites 2008-10-icehouses
The Aspley Guise purpose built hibernaculum 2005-4-Braystone

Bat Biology

Frequently asked questions about bats  Commonly asked questions about bats v2
The Biology of Bat feeding strategies 2007-7 Table Manners for Bats
What eats Bats? 2010-1-salvidor dali and bats
Bats have the fastest muscles of all mammals 2018  17fSTER Bat nest
Identifying bats from quite a long way away 2006-4-Identifying bats in flight
Bats and Trees 2019 4-5jim
Bats in trees 2005-1-Bats in Trees
Bats in Houses 2005-1-Bats in houses
All about pipistrelles  2008-7-all about pipistrelles
A male pipistrelle  in a common pipistrelle maternity roost  2011-6-pipistrelle roost
Sexual dimorphism in Soprano pipistelles Jan 2020 16-7trachel v2
Why are Leisler’s so hard to identify2011-7- Leisler’s
An erythristic brown long eared bat 2008-10 an erythristic bat
Bats and the moon  lunar bats
The crisp bag effect in finding prey  17crisp bag effect
The pros and cons of Big ears 2018 15bats ears
Bats learn their accents from their peers 2018 14 bats coo
Bats  cuddle their young on the left hand side 2019 17cudddles
Pesticides impair bat hearing 2017 16pesticides and bats
How bats avoid collisions 2017 17bats avoid collisions barbastelle
Harrold Odell Boxes 2016 13HOCP
A purpose built bat roost 2017 06-07Gill

Cat predation of bats Oct 202012-13cats and batsautumn bats

Short articles

Why do bats hate the rain  Why bats hate the rain
How can you age a bat by looking at its wings 2016 How do bat workers age a bat by looking at its wings
What is a buccal gland?   2016
Aging bats
How do bat workers age a bat by looking at its wings
What is a cf  call?
The Biology of Bat knees
Bat fur Apr 2018 Bat fur April 18
Rose ringed parakeets attack Greater Noctule 2018 rose ringed parakeets attack Greater Noctulke
climate change alters bat migration  2018 Climate change alters bat migration
Bats fly high 2018 troposphere
Assessing the reproductive status of male bats from the state of their testes 2018 Howdo we assess boy bats

Foreign Bats

Bat pollination 2009-4 Bat pollination
Vampire bats Vampire bats
Vampires in Trinidad 2012-7-vampire bat
Bats of Yucatan 2012-1 The Bats of Yucatan
Bats and Pitcher plants  2011-4 bats and pitcher plants
Bulldog bats 2012-7 Bulldog bats
The parti coloured bat 2009-7 particoloured bat
Bat flies 2019 13-14bat fly
Evolution of bat immunology


Bat Care
What to do with a grounded bat 2011-7 grounded bat
bat care in 2018 6-7bat care 2018
A pipistrelle overwinters  2012 -4 Biggleswade pipistrelle
Bringing up baby 2006-1-Raising juvenile bats
A new Noctule in town 2010-4-a new noctule in town
More on the Slip End noctule 2010-7-The Slip End Noctule Comes of Age
Even more on the slip end noctule2010-10- noctule learns to fly
The very hungry serotine2010-4 the very hungry serotine
Bat Care in Bedfordshire 2009-10-bat care


Outside Beds
Bedfordshire helped the Herts and Middlesex  Bat Group radiotrack barbastelles 04-05ashridge bechstein
One of us went to the Nieoperek Hibernation survey The 2017 Nietoperek Bat Census
We helped find the first Kuhl’a pipistrelle in Jersey 06-07kuhls
We helped Dr Orly Razgour with her study the barbastelle genetics 06-07-orly2
We were there when the first British Alcathoe was announced 03Alcathoe and Noctule
Helped with an international survey on White nose syndrome 201811white nose

Inside Beds
We are running a project called Pinpoint Bat
Pinpoint Bat equipment 2017 10 ppb equipment
First year’s results 2017Pinpoint bat
  Second year results 2018April results
Doing a pinpoint bat survey I Apr 1804-06a bunch of 5
Doing a Pinpoint Bat Survey 07Pinpoint bat
Our summary of the 2017 results  Pinpoint BATRESULTS  adjust format


New way of recording bats on water

Things technical
What is GPS and GIS  06What is GPS -QGIS
Using QGIS to generate maps of bat distributon 2017 16pesticides and bats08-9 dick training
Review of the Peersonic detector 15peersonic
limitations of mobile acoustic surveys 2018 18mobile acoustic surveys
Danny’s wing analysis program 2018 07john’ s roost bantering bats 10
The limits of mobile bat surveys and auto ID 07Auto ID sonogram
Digital Thermometers at hibernation sites digital thermometers
Key to echolocation calls v5


Articles for the Bedfordshire Natural History Journal

In 2001 we started a long term project to locate barbastelles in Bedfordshire. This led other Bat groups to locate their own studies.
Bedfordshire Barbastelle Project 2003
Barbastelle radio tracking report 2004
Barbastelle Radiotracking 2005

Radiotracking barbastelles 2005  2005 Barbastelle Radiotracking (BNHS)
The Kings Wood Bat Box Project 2011   12Kings wood-batboxes
Bats at Whipsnade zoo Final Report  2009 whipsnade final report(BNHS

The mouse oracle of Baule 2005-7 the mouse oracle of Baule
Bats and spells 2005-10.spells
The (Ig)Nobel prize for fellatio

Bat care in 1956 2019 8-9Noccy 1-2  ( Thank goodness we have moved on!)
Chastity belts in bats Chastity helps bats win sperm wars

Bats Abroad

Members of the bat group often tie their holiday into bat related adventures. Here are some of their accounts
The bats of Toronto Oct202006tob07toby v2
The bats of Malawi Oct 202004-05gwen2

Toby’s Canadian Masters 10-11toby2 derek
Vietnam 201805-07Vietnam and antear
Visiting Bracken Cave 2018 12-13bracken cave
Trinibats2017: Meeting :Merlin Tuttle 06merlin

Trinibats 2017: Meeting Vampirum spectrum 05trinibats
Trinibats 2017:Filming Vampirum spectrum07-08telly- banana eaters
The Trinibats 2017:Banana thieves 07-08telly- banana eaters
The challenge of identifying Zambian Bats 2016 04-5 In the dark
Zambia Rhinos is the toilets 2016 06-7a rhino in the toilet2
The Zambian straw coloured bat migration 2016 06-7a rhino in the toilet2

Visiting the fruit bats at Durrell Zoo.
Trinibats 2012 Part 1 2012 Trinibat
Nicaraguan Nights 2012-1NIcaraguan night
Painted Bat of Thailand 201 2011-Thailand’s painted bat
The bats of Trinidad’s Nariva swamp 2011 2011-10 Bats of the nariva swamp
Meeting Kitti’s Hog nosed bat 2011-1-Kitti’s hog nosed bat
Bat watching for the lazy 2010-1 hungary bat holiday
Bats in the Midnight Sun 2009-7-yukon batsl
Bats in South Africa 2008 4 bats in southern africa
Bats in Ghana 2008-7 Accra bats
Bats in Madhya Pradesh  Madya Praesh
Proboscis bats in the Pantanal 2007 4 Bats in the Pantanal
Bats in Panama 2008-7 a bat house in panama
Bats in Ghana ghana1
Bats in Brazil Maned wolves and Myotis at Caraca Brasil 2007-1-caraca
Bats at Malaysia’s Gomantong caves and Poring Springs 2007-1- gomatong cave
Bats in Ghana ghana1
Bats of Accra zoo  2007-1 Accra Zoo