Bat Detectors

Created January 2010
Updated March 2014

This page needs a major review as much had happened since I updated most of it in 2011.I will try to do this when I get a minute! .In March 2014 I added the fact that Adobe Audition is now free to download

There are a wide range of bat detectors on the market which vary in price from less than a hundred pounds to more than several thousand. Buying direct ends to be cheaper than buying through other suppliers.

The Warwickshire Bat Group has an excellent section on bat detectors as does the Bat Conservation Trust

Magenta self assembly detector

Magenta self assembly detector. Easy to assemble if have a grasp pf basic soldering


Magenta A really robust inexpensive detector. We use this on public walks


Anabat. We have never saved up enough to buy one of these Titley  Scientific















Griffin   We saved up and bought one of these and are very fond of it www








What about digital recorders?

If you want information about digital recorders try BCT Guide to digital recorders.

Again we have a range of devices we use, (most of which are cheap and cheerful). New models seem to come onto the market every few weeks.  Despite what some say these give more than adequate recordings for sonogram analysis

More expensive pieces of kit give better quality clearer recordings,

e.g. zoom recorders

Sonogram analysis
You can buy commercial software such as Adobe audition but these are very expensive. and contains many features you will never use if all you want to do is analyse bat .calls., but Adobe have no made it possible to download for FREE Lots of sites are offerig downloads. This is one of them,38694962795,audacity,e,,c,0,,,&gclid=CIP285mysr0CFUjItAodClMAsQ



Newly released is an open source piece of software  called Audacity which is very well worth a look  and above all is free. We’ve downloaded it recently and have fallen in love with it