Chute Farm

On Saturday night we trapped at Chute Farm which is part of the route of the Whipsnade survey. We picked up bats roosting in the toilet and Brown long eareds exploring one of the barns. We heard a lot of common pipistrelles, some of who played tricks on us and tried to pretend they were Nathusius¬† peak frequency at 41 and 42 KHz.¬† One of the barns was being explored by brown long eared bats and we caught one in the nets, along with common pipistrelles and a new record for the site, a Natterer’s.

Also a first was a persistent serotine who flew around the processing point while avoliding the harp traps inside the wood. A barbastelle was also heard but this might have been a call from the lure.

We had a lovely relaxed time and enjoyed devouring the usual cakes but also a really tasty egg and bacon pie made by Dave – for which thanks. Although not a group member we have invited him to future events. Thanks to the National Heritage staff for providing us with tea and good conversation

Oh and we also saw a glow worm.

Photo of glow worm RSPB

Photo of glow worm RSPB

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