Lakeside Pipistrelles

We have been getting record numbers in “our” soprano pipistrelle roost this season.

Photo Bob Cornes

Things started well with 170 at the beginning of April. On May 12th there were 998 bats and a fortnight later we counted 999. Early June saw a reduced count of 950 because we stop counting when the bats return to the roost, presumably to feed their young.

Illustration Joan Childs

July was a humdinger with 1110 at the beginning of the month and by late July we beat the all comers record with a stonking 1532 – the largest count we have ever had. This number included juveniles taking to the wing- they were the ones who kept leaving the roost and blundering into the nearby conifers

In between counting ,we have also had to pick Noctules flying high fast and early overhead as usual,. There used to be a roost nearby which was destroyed when the tree was hit by lightning, . We think they have another roost nearby. But how hard could it bet to find? – The answer is “very”

We have also picked up serotines which are far more uncommon in the county.

While most of us have been surrounding the roost, which has no less than four exits. Others have been trolling through some woods nearby and we have been regularly picking up barbastelles.

We’re going to be having a much closer look later in the month when weather permitting we will do an all nighter

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