Woodland trapping survey Wed 28th April

Last night we visited a wood in Mid Beds. Bliss, so still so quiet (except for tawny owls) and a distant muntjac. Colin and Sara got to practice processing bats again. We caught nothing in the mist net, but the harp traps yielded Natterer’s, Common and Soprano pips and a Daubenton’s. All males apart from the soprano.  The males as per usual got their reproductive organs peered at  closely. They can be hard to spot. Quote of the night “I have real trouble with this, I can’t see them unless they are  in my face”.

Photo Sara Miller

Most had small testes and negligible epids. What kind of pervert rates animals thus? Bat workers that’s who. All were released safely,albeit with damaged egos. The Brown long ears were delight to see go, ears erect, vertical hovering before they took off into the night.

Photo Sara Miller

The time between trap checks was spent eating cake and trying to identify feathers of a bird of prey whicour raptor expert identfied as an osprey’s when he got home

And we got to play with the thermal imager. What’s not to like?

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