Bat Training Course

Just before the season kicked off,* we had a joint cat care session with the North Bucks Bat Group , lewd and hosted by Rhona who is a member of both bat groups.

We took cake and Bob did a session on IDing bats

Dave who hand reared 14 infant bats, all but one of which survived;(a remarkably high survival rate) did a session on caring for infants, deploying a brilliant visual aid The Peg Bat to demonstrate as a method to avoid getting milk up the bat’s nose – a danger with doing a dropper. The bat gets such a good grip on the paintbrush that the milk¬† cannot go down the wrong tube

He apologised for not wearing gloves ,but BCT please note this was a peg not a bat!


*¬† Sod’s law: We had a bat come into care the day before

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