will this wind…

With impeccable timing, the weekend saw our final hibernation surveys. This made for some interesting moments.

Photo Bob Cornes

The first stop was a purpose built hibernaculum which is reached via a ditch. We have thighwaders for just such an eventuality, but the water level was very high. Only Chantal who brought chest waders escaped unscathed. The others got wet.

Those who made it inside saw two bats, one of which gave away its location by squeaking loudly ( giggling at the sight of soggy bay folk if you want to anthropomorphise)

Photo Carole Baber

On Sunday  the wind was very mighty and as a result Whipsnade Zoo was closed.  (The  photo above was taking on January’ survey, Tyrone 3rd from the right gives an indication how  cold and windy it is on top of the Downs at the best of times.

The hibernation checks there were postponed until Friday , when we will also deploy the SM4 and camera.

No barbastelles were found at any of the other sites. Will the Whipsnade barbastelle still be there on Friday?

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