Bat Detector out of window – more results

Bob  been making all-night recordings out of my loft window since 2nd April. Activity is very variable from night to night, as expected at this time of year (see below). So far, mostly Common Pips with the odd Soprano.

Number of bat passes per night:


Dick and Danny have also been making recordings (thanks for the information, both). If anyone else is able to do the same, or just to notice the odd bat flying in or over your garden, please send me the information (date, time, species if known, number of bats seen). It’s also a good opportunity to check whether you or a neighbour has a roost in your roof. If you notice, from your back garden,  bats emerging, or possibly emerging, from a building, please make a note and watch out for more emergence on other nights. If you’re really keen, you could look out for signs of dawn swarming an hour or so before sunrise. Bats are probably not yet in their summer roosts, but it won’t be long now . . .


Stay safe.

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