Trying to unite pup with mum

Dave was awayy so it was Becky the rescue last night, The rain foiled her attempt

First pup I’ve ever collected. Desperately tried to reunite it with Mum this evening, but without knowing exactly where the roost entrance was and the weather against us, it was a lost cause. Waited for over an hour Until dark, but it was getting cold and wet. Might be worth the group getting some equipment for a reuniting kit (long fishing pole, triangular net, pillow case and drinks bottles). Saw a contraption on North Devon bay care and they’ve had a fair bit of success with it. I showed willing with a miniature version but only saw one bat do one loop- then gone with the poor weather. No Esbilac in for tonight, but as it was found last night I rehydrated with water off a paint brush and it was super keen to have a munch on some waxworm and mealworm guts too. Definitely enthusiastic so let’s cross fingers. When will Mum give up? Is it worth trying again tomorrow night if it’s dryer? I’ll examine it tomorrow to sex it etc.but didn’t want to stress it out today”

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