Wardown Park Walk September 2nd

We had arranged to do two walks for  Luton Cultural Services this September. We asked they limit numbers to twenty and used a booking system to control numbers,  Unbeknownst to us,  they hadn’t done so and had advertised the event as ” drop in”one

When Bob and I turned up on Friday our hearts sank.

It wasn’t that these people were scary. That was very much not the case. It was the fact here were already thirty people there and within a few minutes there were forty six. Geraldine and Dick had been caught up in traffic, so were panicking as we had only brought eight detectors with us.  Fortunately the cavalry arrived in the nick of time, meaning there were four leaders and we had enough detectors for between four. (It is usually one between two) Those who came were so understanding. The bats were amazing over the lawn and we had fantastic views of them feeding. The squeals of human delight drowned out the sound of the fun fair. The Daubenton’s failed to show over the lake  – may were having a go at the fair.

We have made plans for the walk on the 9th to mobilise detectors from elsewhere in the county and more helpers to make it a more maneagable event for us. Sod’s law this means only four people will come to the next one!

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