autumn swarming 2

You can read more about autumn swarming  here.2011-1 autumn swarming


One last try to see if we could pick up on some autumn swarming.

Last night some of the group trundled off to a local icehouse. Bob and Jonathan were dead tired having been out checking boxes all day. Chris Vine from the Cambridgeshire Bat Group  brought his harp trap and we out up a single mist net.  Pipistrelle activity was high all night. The wind fell and a Natterer’s  soon went into the harp trap. Later in the evening a brown long eared bat, a pipistrelle and a Daubenton flew into the net

Daubenton's Bat Photo Jonathan Durward

Natterer's Bat Jonathan Durward

What was quite interesting was that all the bats were juveniles who wouldn’t have been looking for a mate. Maybe they were sussing out potential hibernation sites. ( we regularly find bats here on hibernation surveys)

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