Bat storming day organised by Bat Conservation Trust

enthusiastic networking in progress Photo Jude HIrstwood.

For the past 5 years the Bedfordshire Bat Group has been working closely with BCT on the Count Bat outreach project. We were one of their pilot projects and have been doing follow up work ever since. Count Bat Project

The project is coming to an end soon and  the Count Bat Team is putting together an amazing pack of resources which will be available to people doing bat outreach.We have to declare an interest  as we have provided a lot of material.

Yesterday, BCT ran a seminar  to share ideas on education  and public engagement about bats. Jude gave a talk on our work with the Priory Rangers and then co ran a workshop with Kim from Wonky Giraffe on making bat themed things with kids.

Hard at work Photo Jude Hirstwood

The participants had great fun giving their “inner child” full reign with lots of bright shiny things to play with

Look what we made. (Mine was a lot wobblier than this) Photo Jude Hirstwood

It was great to meet so many people involved in this sort of work and to have a chance to play with scissors..


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