New Brown long eared bat roost

A householder was having trouble with mice chewing through cables and called inĀ  pest control firm. As well as mouse droppingsĀ  they also found bat droppings. We went over to have a look and though there were no bats to be seen at this time of year (all sensible bats are still asleep), there were numerous brown long eared bat droppings. We also found some droppings in an outbuilding.

We have been invited back in the spring to check out if the bats have returned.

Brown long eared droppings are quite mouse dropping like in appearance. If you crumble them they fall apart. With mice you end up with sticky fingers.

Brown Long Eared_in a roost

It was the perfect place for a brown long roost – an older building with enough loft space for the bats to fly along. The droppings were concentrated in a line under the roof apex – another good indications that long eared bats are present. Pipistrelles don’t tend to live in loft spaces but prefer to snuggle up under sofit boards

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