Talk at Wootton Lower School

We were invited to speak to sixty youngsters at Wootton Lower School who were doing a topic on animals and the night. We had a good time and were able to answer most of the questions they asked us. I couldn’t tell them how many bats I had seen but was able to answer the question¬† “what bats eat frogs” with the answer “The frog eating bat”¬† – and here he is. We saw this one in Nicaragua last year. It is sometimes called the fringe lipped bat. You can see why if you have a look at his photo on Trinibats

Photo Jude HIrstwood. Frog eating bat


Image from









We left the teachers a copy of our resource pack which was funded by Bedford Borough Council and told the children they would seee bats if they went on one of the free walks at Priory Country Park

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