Catch up

It has been very quiet here for ten days, but only because Jude who writes this blog and Bob have been off batting in Trinidad, along with Jonathan.

We got back yesterday to a busy inbox. The bats are beginning to stir and have been venturing out, flying high in the sky and in a couple of cases crashing to the ground and coming into care. Some have been modelling for Dave Barnes who has taken some smashing pictures.  Taking photographs of flying bats is extremely difficult and his photos are exceptional.( Thanks to Dave for letting us print an example). You can see more examples on the Bedfordshire Bat Group Facebook page


Bat workers are also emerging from their hibernation spots and we have had a run of people expressing an interest in joining us – including a number of experienced folk who are moving into the county, which is good news as a couple of our regulars have had the audacity of getting new jobs and are leaving the area. – But fear not we will always have room for new members

We are getting all the equipment and paperwork sorted out and are getting very excited at the prospect of freezing to death in cold woods once April arrives. In Trinidad on a good night we caught over 200 bats, often with more than 20 species . Think we will need to set our sights somewhat lower. On the bright side I won’t get writer’s cramp trying to keep the record sheet up to date

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