Bat Care- a flurry of grounded bats

This hot weather has led to a flurry of grounded bats and abandoned pups. Soggy went back to a roost where she had found a pip pup to find that most of the roost hvef moved out, perhaps because it was too hot to stay and they fond somewhere cooler,

The team is at full stretch at the momentAs is always the case we have lost quite a few but nonetheless we have several that are hanging n in there

Asia, Angie, Dick and Geraldine, Jo and Kelly and Hedj all have their hands full

If you find a grounded bat call the BCT helpline – which is very busy at the moment- onĀ  0345 1399 228. If you are in Bedfordshire they will pass a message on to us. If that fails send us a message via the Bedfordshire Bat Group Facebook page

For info on what to do if you do find a grounded bat Try this page of the website


Emma the pipistrelle. Photo Geraldine Hogg

wimble and Don

Wimble and Dom. Wimble didn’t make it, but Dom is feeding well , Photo Jo Makin


Penelop Pipstock, Spencer and Dean

Penelope Pipstock, Dean and Spencer sleeping after lunch. Photo Kelly Robinson

Bat care is largely funded by donations from talks and stalls



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