Jude at rest

Jude wonky knee takes a well earned rest at Rushmere. Photo Bob Cornes

There hasn’t been a post for a while, not because we have been doing nothing but because we have. The latest issue of the newsletter has been sent to the printer, more paperwork and planning has been done for the Greater Stockgrove Bat Map Weekend and Bob and I have spent a of time looking at Rushmere looking for possible trapping sites and have begun a series of bat detector surveys.. We will be doing more next week.

We have heard some very interesting bats and have a possible location for a Natterer’s roost. Of course when Dick .Geraldine and Tommy staked out the roost, the bats weren’t in the prime suspect tree.

Bob now plans to get some luminescent tags, so if we do catch one in August we can hopefully track where it goes.

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