January Hibernation Survey


We were saved the snow and were able to do the hibernation survey safely. Despite the weather we got more bats than the record breaker last January when we cound 207 bats. This time we managed 208.

The species distribution was much as always,Natterer’s down, Daubenton’s up, fewer brown long earedsĀ  but otherwise much the same.


barbastelle Photo Bob Cornes

Unlike in places like Poland, bats in Britain tend to hide away in cracks, which makes finding them a challenge This one was easy to spot, which is more than you can say of most of the little blighters


Photo Chantelle Warriner


Photo Chantelle Warriner


Photo Chantelle Warriner

Thanks to every-one that helped:- Nicky, Asia, Andrew, Rhona, Bob, Tommy. Martino, Steve, Chantelle








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