You might think we’ve been hibernating but …

There have been few posts of late, but we have been very busy honest. This is the time of year we try to collate all the data we have collected and transfer this to our database as well as producing reports for landowners.

Behind the scene we have also been planning  for the 2017 . As well as fixing dates for regular surveys, we have been identifying new places to survey and we are launchng a  major initiative which we are calling Pinpoint Bat.


Being us we have of course designed a logo

There will be more detail about this later in the year.  We have begun to tell members about it in our most recent newsletter

Because it involves loaning out hundreds of pounds of equipment it will only be open to members 04-5pinpoint-bat-timid. So if you live in Beds and are thinking abut joining this this may be a deciding factor.

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